Author: wwareiv


Bishop’s Vision

I see a church where worship is the center. Not just the worship service, but real worship, where we have conviction that God is God, and beside Him there is none other.

I see a church that as believers we are God’s servants. Where all believers have an understanding that we are Christ’s servants “full time”. Not a full time “vocational” ministry; but full time willing workers for Christ. I see a church where the questions that drive our day are not, “What’s in it for me?” but “Lord, what will thou have me do?”

I see a church where Prayer is the first thought on our minds when we make decisions, face trouble, or help a fellow laborer. Where meeting for prayer is as important to people as coming to church on Sundays. I see a church where Prayer is “the first work of any ministry”.

I see a church where the believers know that we have been left here for those who don’t know Christ. I see a church of believers who have a clear understanding of their individual area of influence with a plan and commitment to praying, caring, and sharing within that area.

I see a church establishing personal witnessing as a daily task for every believer.

I see a church that celebrates every visitor or guest who enters our church by treating them as someone God has entrusted to us. I see people who will put their personal agendas aside in a heartbeat, to engage in the life of a new person. I see a sense of urgency within our hearts, followed by actions that acknowledge the evil ones desire to keep sinners in chains.

I see The Church Of The Living God preparing ourselves to forever be with Jesus Christ.